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Politics and Government of Pakistan

History of  Pakistan politics online

History of Pakistan politics is old as same as Pakistan itself is. On 14th August 1947, Pakistan came into being and Muslims of subcontinent first time took their breath in the air of independence. Within that a second chapter was opened, the chapter of politics and political issues. From that time to present time there is no single day which Pakistan got relief from political, economical and social issues. There are many times when governments had been changed and Pakistan army took over many times.
Pakistan is single country where army made its political invasion round about seven times. In the history of Pakistan politics there are many famous politicians and leaders are as well as there are political issues. All of them made history of Pakistan politics.
The history of Pakistan Politics contains many unusual incidents and tragedies. Many innocent lives and blood was been sacrificed in the name of politics.
At Pakistan Politics history you will find complete information. All info is given here step by step. You will find every story, issue and every part of Pakistan politics.